Road trips are fun! Making pit stops, eating at the roadside diners, taking different routes, there is nothing about road trips, that does not spell A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E!

But when its family and a lot of luggage, things can get messy. Rod trips need to be planned out properly, and planning needs to involve even the minute details. We are suggesting some hacks that can make road trips a little more smoother for you people

1.Pack cleverly, save space

Travelling with family, especially kids, means a lot of luggage. Now, if the car is full of luggage, where will the family sit? If you pack smartly, it might solve the problem to some extent. Instead of folding the clothes, roll them and pack. Pack your shoes in the shower cap. This will save a lot of space, and you can pack in one bag, what will otherwise take at least two bags. Go ahead, try it!

2.Be Emergency ready always

You can never predict your health, when on a road trip. Make sure you are carrying the basic medicines for fever, headache and upset stomach. Also, a first aid kit is a must. If you are all set for some emergency situations, unnecessary stops won’t be required and you can make to your destination in the defined time.

3.Keep the kids busy

Kids are most easily bored. And when they are bored and jobless, even the smoothest of road trips can witness a turn of events! The trick is to pack along some surprise activities for them. Print coloring pages and bind them into a book. Take some playing cards, a Rubik’s cube and a Lego set. The busier they are, the more lesser trouble they are to cause.

4.How about a mini fridge?

Put your money in a personal fridge. You can store beverages and other edible items and use them when required. This can be a good investment, and provide chilled drinks and food as fresh as new!


 5.Use and throw

Instead of keeping utensils and towels, opt for paper napkins and plastic utensils. Once the eating is done with, you can throw the napkins and utensils and there will be no tension of washing the dishes and towels.

We hope these tips will come in a little handy on your next road trip. Please don’t forget to share your views!


  1. Packing cleverly seems to be a big problem for me LOL No matter where I go, I tend to overpack. I’m not sure why I can’t be that person who can get by with 1-2 pairs of jeans and a few t-shirts 🙂

  2. Ha! So funny I’m sharing my road trip planning tips right now as well. I haven’t gotten into the packing stage, but I’ll be living it in a few weeks so your suggestions and tips are right on time!

  3. These are some great tips – I have to admit I am never 100% packed and ready to go. I always manage to pack way to much of things I won’t need and not enough of things I do.

  4. I’ve never considered bringing a mini fridge on a road trip before, what a fun idea! It would be so convenient to have all the drinks and food on hand and fresh instead of stopping to purchase them!

  5. The point “Save Space” is such a difficult task for me. I everytime over pack my bags and later will think I should have left some space LOL.Good tips.

  6. Great tips. I know I’m not a good packer. I always pack too many stuff or too little. I wonder when I will manage to get what to pack and what not :)) I like the mini fridge idea. I don’t know why I never thought of it.

  7. Road trips are amazing! Thanks for the useful trips. Loved the idea of a mini fridge. I have never been able to prepare and pack things for the trips on point!

  8. People definitely should travel with an emergency first aid kit. You never know while travel what little accidents can happen!


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