Life alone is complicated, life with other humans is even more complicated. Mix in work and other domestic responsibilities, and we have a time bomb ticking!

Now put a cute little dog or a furry cat or some love birds in the whole mess. Don’t you instantly feel better just by thinking about them? Yes! They bring comfort to an aching soul. Here are certain medically proven facts stating that pets are important.

1.They keep your heart beating

In a romantic sense, yes they do. But even from a medical angle, this is true. Pet owners have lower rates of cholesterol. Also, the blood pressure is balanced.

2.Stress Busters

So, the first point brings us to the next one. Heart problems are usually rooted at stress and tension. The more one mentally stresses themselves, the more risks of other disease increase. Having a pet lower the stress rate. Their unconditional loyalty and love is an instant supplier of happiness.

3.Date with Pets

So you are an introvert, who cancels all the plans last moment and stay home for the weekend? Well, if you decide to own a pet, be set for some outdoors. Because they won’t sit inside. They will as a result, drag you out with them. And this will be your chance to pay some attention to physical activities and meeting people!

4.They are source of happiness

No matter what pet you have, they have the power to make you happy. If you have them, hold on to them. If you don’t, plan to get one soon!

This post is probably the closest to my heart. Do share your experiences!


  1. I really want to have a dog, but we travel a lot and we do not want to abandon our pet or let other people to take care of him/her. Because, what’s the point, right? Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I grew up with a few pets and I’ve got 4 cats at home currently. I gotta say, the biggest impact that I’ve got from having pets is for them becoming stress reliever. Seriously, they actually help me to relax even in the hardest day. Earlier this year, I lost my 12-year-old cat and I was broken hearted because we’ve been through so many things together. Thank you so much for sharing! ?

  3. I love this post. I have two cats are truly are my heart. I’m a big believer in pets having stress busting abilities. I’m always calmer when I’m around the .

  4. Oh I agree 100%. I know that a lot of parent struggle with their relationship with their pets once their children are born. My husband and I are making an effort to make sure our pets still feel loved. Although it is difficult I feel it is so important. Their love never changes for us and so we owe it to them.

  5. I love my dogs! I have two human children and a husband too but I swear my dogs are my comfort and go to when I wanna be left alone, or if I go on a run. Always there for me and ready for snuggles. ❤️

  6. I almost always had a cat in my life – but in our new appartment we are not allowed one – you can’t believe how much I miss the sitting on the lap and purring of those furry creatures ?


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