Had a tiring day? Had to sit all day in one place to finish an assignment as it was deadline day? Want a long nap once home?

These may seem normal questions now, but ask a person working 9 to 5 on the clock, and they will relate to this thought process. No doubts, hard work pays off in a good way but at what cost? A bulging tummy? The sudden increase in weight? Laziness in physical activities? Well, a common problem of the youth today! No matter how inspired and planned we start our day, the moment we send the sign off email, all the inspiration and plans go along, and the only thing on our mind is a good meal followed by an even better slumber! Fitness is pushed for tomorrow or day after.

We have tried to find certain tricks to make your day take the healthier way! If not immediately, it might show good results eventually.

1. Time to shop for some gear

The Common notion is, when we invest in something, we want to put it to proper use. Go out, buy some workout gears. It can do the trick and bring you to your feet for a short workout schedule! Shopping time people!!

2. Plan the activities

Vague thoughts in the air can take solid form if you put it on paper and decide to follow it. Take a planner, put the schedule and take up the responsibility of filling in your progress daily. That might make your workout plan fit in properly with you work schedule.

3. Follow Fitness

It’s about time you should subscribe to some good health channels and YouTube and watch some useful tutorials and follow the instructions of the professionals to do the workout in the correct manner!

4. Start with it already!

The gear is all set, the planner is on the board and tutorials have been watched thoroughly. Bring everything to action. Start with basic workouts like squats, crunches and side Pilates. Move onto more intense exercise schedules once your body is used to it.

5. Ease out on the duration

No need to invest hours in workouts. A shot but intense workout will suffice. And it will be beneficial to increase the duration eventually. No good it will be, if after your first workout, your body gives up and you lose inspiration.

6. Always be hydrated

Drink water, more and more. Not only you will be hydrated, it makes sure that all the toxic material is flushed out of your body and also helps in burning fat! You can browse and find some good detox water recipes online. That might just add on to the whole plan!

7. Take a Walk

Prefer walking short distances than opting for transportation. Walking is the best cardio. If it’s a longer distance, pick up a bicycle and ride. You can save the money and put it in some more workout stuff!

8. Bring it in your habit

Work can be hectic, but try your best to make your fitness schedule a routine. Fix a time and when the clock ticks that hour, just get up and start with the plan. A few days might hurt, but once it falls in a pattern, you will no longer feel the difference.

9. Get Inspired

Browse your social media correctly. Get inspired by genuine stories. If you believe in them, work towards your own miracle story!