Storing food such that the freshness lasts longer, is always a task.

But it’s a requirement that must be fulfilled to one’s full satisfaction. We bring to you some simple tricks to make the task easier.

1.Keep the Bananas fresh for a longer time

Of all the fruits, Bananas are one of the few that goes bad really fast. It becomes necessary that we store them correctly in order to increase their longevity. One you have the bunch of bananas, carefully wrap the end of the bunch with plastic wrap. This procedure blocks the ethylene gases from releasing out of the stem, hence keeping the fruit from ripening faster.

2.No more browned apples

Once you cut them into pieces, apples tend to go brown real quick. This can be stopped. All you need is a lemon or some honey. Either squeeze the lemon over the pieces. Or make a mixture of one part honey and two parts water and mix it with the apple pieces. The citric acid from lemon as well as Peptides found in honey brings the process of oxidation to slow down and hence the apple is saved from browning for a longer time.

3.Plastic wrap mess solved

Unrolling the plastic from the roll and putting it on the required containers sometimes become very messy, given how thin the sheet actually is. Many a times, we end up getting some of the plastic stuck on our hands and messed up. The simple solution to this is storing the roll of wrap in the refrigerator . This makes the wrap a lot less messier and easier to transfer from the roll to the container.

4.Bring shower cap to an alternate use

You can use a fresh shower cap to cover your food instead of a plastic wrap. This is a good alternative because they will be re-usable. You can try and if this option doesn’t suit, you can always go back to plastic wrap.

5.Test the eggs

Eggs can go stale, but we need a way to check that. This solution is very common. All you need is a bowl full of cold water. Put the egg in the water. If it sinks, it is doing okay but if it floats, it’s time you say goodbye to it.

Please leave your reviews guys! Also share some tips and enlighten us!!



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